Our Pilots

Trace Palmer

Head of Training (Gr 1 Instructor) | Charter Pilot

Trace is our Senior CPL instructor, he previously worked for 5 years as a flight instructor just south of Christchurch, and 2 years as a skydive pilot. Trace is exceptional at preparing students in their final hours of training for their Commercial Pilot Licence test.

Trace and his wife moved to Townsville to enjoy the lifestyle our city has to offer. He has a Design Feature training endorsement, and holds Multi-Engine, Instrument and Tail wheel ratings. 

Trace has experience flying the following aircraft:

Multi-Engine Aircraft:

  • Partenavia P68
  • Piper Seneca (PA34)
  • Piper Navajo (PA31)
  • Piper Chieftain (PA31-350)
  • Beechcraft Baron (BE58)

Single Engine:

  • Cessna 152, 172, 182, 180, 185
  • Piper PA 18, PA 140, PA 161, PA 181
  • Alpha 160

Jordon Ward

MEIR Instructor / Grade 2 Instructor / Fixed Wing Type Specialist

Jordon began flight training at National Aviation Academy in January 2020, receiving his Diploma qualification and Commercial Pilot Licence in under 6 months! He then completed a flight instructor rating in Brisbane by late 2020. Because of Jordon’s exceptional performance as a student at NAA, he was hired as a Flight Instructor and also dedicated IREX theory instructor. Jordon’s work ethic and passion for flying rubs off on students as he sets a good example of the behaviours required to succeed in this industry.

 Jordan has experience flying the following aircraft: 

Multi-Engine Aircraft:

  • Piper Seneca (PA34)
  • Piper Navajo (PA31)
  • Piper Chieftain (PA 31-350)
  • Beechcraft Baron (BE58)

Single-Engine Aircraft:

  • Cessna 152, 172, 182
  • Decathalon (8KCAB)